I am a writer, an artist, a husband, a friend, an avid reader, a shade-tree mechanic, a photographer, an Eagle Scout and a conservative. I love my wife, my cats, my family, my tools, a couple of my guitars, almost all of my books, and my friends. I take way too many photos, and spend too much time reading. My book collection is taking over my house.  I am a student of disaster preparedness, survival and philosophy, specifically the applied religious philosophy of Scientology.

I have two books and several short stories available for purchase on Amazon and Amazon’s Kindle store.  All of them have one or more cats and a main character.

Zombies, Cats and Heroes in paperpack. This is a post-apocalyptic novel of survival and friendship in which not all the heroes are human.

The Tenth Life in paperback.  This is a smaller book.  It is a tale of cats and how they help their human companions deal with life and death.

My Amazon store.

I have lots and lots of photographs on my Flickr account, everything from house cats to big cats, automobiles to zebras.

I even have a You Tube channel.

All that, plus what you will find on this blog.  I hope you find it all enjoyable.


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