What I Carry Every Day (EDC)

On My Belt or In My Pockets:

10 feet of Paracord
Watchband-mounted compass
Whistle on key ring
Folding Knife
Flashlight and extra batteries
Cell Phone
Pen and notepad
Wallet w/ID, money
IFAC (Individual First Aid Kit):
Triangular bandage
Mylar blanket
Non-latex gloves
Wound dressings
Alcohol pads
Antibiotic ointment
Sting relief ointment
Cleaning towelette
Gauze sponges
Cotton Swabs
Safety Pins

*See note below

In My Mind:

Knowledge of first aid, search and rescue, organization, fire suppression, etc.

Awareness of my surroundings and an ability to innovate, improvise and adapt to conditions

The balance of my away-from-home gear is carried in my nearby Get Home Bag.

* Note: When and if Conceal Carry Weapons permits become available in Los Angeles, I will add a handgun to my EDC kit.