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Los Angeles Community Earthquake & Preparedness Information

Los Angeles Fire Department Emergency Preparedness Booklet
Emergency Preparedness for Kids, Parents & Teachers
Free Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) Training
American Red Cross First-Aid Training
Los Angeles Emergency Management’s Five Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness
National Fire Protection Agency
Create Your Own Home Fire Escape Plan
Earthquake Solutions A lady who has been doing seminars for many years on earthquake preparedness, April Kelcy, Consultant, Speaker, Author and Founder of Earthquake Solutions

Handling the Environment after a Disaster

Surviving Extreme Heat and Power Outages

California Knife-Carry Laws

Knife-Up.com – California Knife and Balisong Laws
Shouse Law Group – California Knife Laws
American Knife and Tool Institute – Protocol for Measuring Knife Blade Length
American Knife and Tool Institute – California Knife Laws
California Penal Codes Relating to Knives and Guns

Federal Government Resources, Information and Education

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) Emergency Management Institute – Online Courses

Emergency Management Division – Publications on Emergency Preparedness

Disaster Types and Preparedness Information
A list of some types of disasters and web links to preparedness information.  Most of the links are to federal government websites, with a link or two to American Red Cross and a couple of poison control organizations.

 Survival and Emergency Preparedness Websites

Urban Survival
SHTF & Prepping Central
Pole Shift Survival InformationFreedom Prepper
Off the Grid News
Practical Survivor
Modern Survival Blog
Survival Blog.com
How To Survival It
Prepper Academy Sign-up Page
Prepper Academy Log-in Page
Tactical Intelligence
Every Citizen a Soldier
Survival Metrics
Prepared Mind 101


How to Build a Small Septic System for Cheap
Ths Humanure Handbook – Composting Human Waste

First Aid