Taking Back Control of Our Government

Taking Back Control of Our Government
By Brett A. Fernau

When I’m driving along on the Los Angeles freeways and I observe one of those careless, inconsiderate, speeding, lane-changing hazardous drivers, I will often remark that I don’t mind if bad drivers kill themselves in their cars, but I don’t want them to take me out as well. I feel the same way about the careless and foolish people in powerful positions within the United States government.

History clearly shows that all forms of tyranny result in disaster for the economies and societies over which they rule. Conversely, on those rare occasions when the market is allowed to operate freely and when people are allowed to make their own decisions, guided by a moral code, economies and societies flourish and prosper. Always, when there is a trend toward less government control and more individual freedom, people’s lives get better. When productivity is rewarded, the result is more productivity. When it is penalized, you get less of it. When upright, moral behavior is rewarded, again, you get more of that sort of behavior. When sloth, depravity and criminality are tolerated, or even praised, rewarded and applauded, you’ll see lots more of it.

More and more, we have federal and local governments which tolerate and reward all sorts of criminality, sloth and depravity. Under the influence of those people who try to find justification and approval for their own crimes, we are told that nothing is our fault, no one is responsible, that human beings are simply helpless victims of their environment. Our elected officials pass laws making it a crime to differentiate between good and evil, between survival actions and suicidal actions, between moral and immoral. It is a hate crime to publicly proclaim immorality as such. One exposes oneself to public condemnation if he holds criminals responsible for their own actions. Morality, Christianity, patriotism, loyalty, integrity, and honesty are subjects of ridicule to many high ranking officials and media commentators.

None of this would be a problem, if it only affected the politicians, criminals and commentators who espouse this philosophy of moral equivalence. Unfortunately, in their rush to change this once great nation to one where all behavior is tolerated and no judgment is allowed, they are driving the rest of us off the cliff along with them. It’s time to revoke their license and get them off the road so that the majority of us can begin to repair the damage that has already been done. The election of 2016 is a good place to start, but we can’t afford to wait until then. We must find and support candidates who have read and understood our Constitution and are ready to enforce the limitations on government which our Founding Fathers wisely included in that document. We can’t let mainstream media control the message, we must make sure we run and elect principled, courageous candidates and we must hold them accountable to the people who elected them. We can no longer afford to allow someone else to decide what is best for us, we must take the wheel, assume control and never again allow government to have this much power. It isn’t too late, it’s never too late, but it would be much more desirable to accomplish this without any bloodshed. Let’s have a peaceful revolution this time, while we still can.

Where are the Leaders?

Where are the Leaders?

By Brett A. Fernau

What happened to the people who would stand in front of the crowd and say exactly what they meant to say, who spoke with certainty and conviction, who had examined the problems that they were proposing to solve and could set forth a way to attack those problems that everyone could understand?

Where are the people of moral conviction who are willing to stand up and speak the truth to their fellow men and women, who can tell the difference between good and evil and can explain that difference to their fellows, who know what is wrong or right, who know why it is wrong or right and are willing to stand up and say so?

Where are the people who know the difference between freedom and slavery, between independence and dependence, between winning and losing, between surviving and succumbing; who can make a decision based on the concepts of freedom, independence and survival as opposed to slavery, dependence and failure?

Where are the people with confidence in their fellow men and women to do the right thing, to step up and help move things forward; who know that a people with good leadership, along with goals that lend themselves toward survival and principles that lead to independence and responsibility will quite willingly contribute all their strength and all their energy to achieving those goals and living by those principles?

Where are the leaders today? The very concept of leadership has deteriorated to the point where we don’t know where to look anymore. Those people who purport to be leaders aren’t offering any concrete plans to solve the problems facing this nation. Instead they offer platitudes, bromides and generalities, or they blame the problems on someone else and offer nothing of their own. Neither our President, nor his advisors, have a clue as to how to increase prosperity, reduce our national debt, grow the economy, keep the peace, or solve any other problem we are currently experiencing. No, on the contrary, President Obama, his advisors and his minions in Congress only offer less freedom, higher taxes, fewer incentives, more government control, more restrictions, more obstacles and more confusion.

Where are the people who understand that more government is never the answer to any problem involving human freedom and prosperity? Government produces nothing, adds no value to the economy, and can only take away and restrict already existing freedoms. Where are the people who understand that government needs to get out of the way and let people get on with producing and trading and living and thriving?

Where are they? I don’t see any of them in our current administration, nor do I see any in the House or in the Senate. I don’t see any in the current crop of candidates seeking election in November. Perhaps the people we need aren’t politicians at all. Perhaps they are business men and women and artists and spiritual leaders.

Could it be that the people who would make the best leaders for this nation are already hard at work trying this keep this ship-of-state afloat, providing the products and services we need to survive in this modern world? Could it be that they don’t have the time to make speeches, appear on television and radio, or any of the other tasks required to make themselves into viable candidates for public office? Or could it be that they realize that once they declare themselves a candidate for some elected position, they would become a target for the muck-raking, disparaging, character-assassinating, destructive news media?

Who could blame those people, the productive, moral, law-abiding pillars of the community, for not stepping down into the slimy, stinking pit that politics has become? They’re already doing their best to keep us from economic and social collapse in the only ways they know how, in the only ways that work, by producing and providing and creating and employing, by setting an example among their fellows. They are laboring among us right now, and the United States Government is doing its very best to suck the lifeblood from them, because the only way that government can survive is by taking the wealth from those who create it and appropriating it for its own needs. If government protects and encourages the producers and the creators, then everyone wins. However, if government takes the wealth from those who create it and gives that wealth to those who do not, then ultimately production and creation will be destroyed. Thus does the society fall, and the economy collapse, and then whatever remains will feed upon itself until there is nothing left for it to eat.

We must turn from this self-destructive path before all of the productive, creative people have been destroyed. We must elect leaders who understand the fundamentals of a free, creative and productive society. We must elect leaders who have read and understand the Constitution of the United States and are willing to enforce it as it was written. We must elect leaders who understand the meaning of personal responsibility, who are willing to stand upon their principles, who can tell a right action from a wrong one, who will do the right thing, even if it isn’t the popular thing to do. We must elect leaders whose principles cannot be bought, sold or traded. We must elect leaders with a proven record of honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, it’s probably going to prove very hard to find people of this caliber who are willing to serve in public office, given the reputations of the previous holders of those offices. And if we do find them, we’ll have to help them clean up the muck and corruption that has become attached to most public positions. It’s a job worth doing, though, a job challenging enough even for the most able of leaders. With the right leaders and enough support for them, we can turn this country around and make these United States a place our Founding Fathers would be proud of. If they showed up here today, I’d be rather embarrassed by what they’d find, wouldn’t you? We’ve made an awful mess of what they originally created. Still, the founding principles are right there for us to read and there may yet be enough time for us to re-dedicate ourselves to those principles and see that they are applied. It’ll take some work, but most of us aren’t afraid of hard work as long as we can see that it’s for a good cause. What cause could be better than to take out all the trash and restore our country to a place we can all be proud of?